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 let me introduce myself



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Hi, my name is Versery Ryhme

A strange name indeed I hear you say, it gets worse.

I am just an Alter Ego for a renown but shy author

A bit like Superman but without the phonebox fetish or the underwear issues.


In truth this site has been created as a vehicle for my mentor's latest book

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 That doesn't mean we can't still have fun.

Just because I am a figment of Tony Hibberd's imagination, doesn't mean  I can't have a mind of my own

(not to mention a website).

This site is constantly under revision so please have a good look around

If you get lost return to the home page and select site map in the top left corner


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Wanna  laugh, I highly recommend a peek at my diary

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Every month or so I intend to display a new poem on the site for your perusal and delectation.

Each offering will be linked to a brief synopsis of why the work was created or points of interest within it


Fame at last... move over Di capprio shove off Schwarzenegger make way for a real star.

check out

Versery's Videodrome


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