Today I held a tiny hand

An inch or less, the total span

What lies ahead for this small man

I speculate on life’s rich plan


As fingers curled around my own

What deeds await him fully grown

He may not wear some sceptred crown

But no fear or angst will hold him down


That hand, eventually, may grasp a quill

Or badge of office, for the people’s will

A defensive gun, a ringing till

Referees whistle so sharp and shrill


No one can the future see

But of these events I can decree

Your charted course will ever be

A source of pride to your family


So when your hand does mine enfold

In my autumn, growing old

I see a man now, heart of gold

Stands before me strong and bold

For a Newborn Baby Boy
A Personalised 21st Birthday

High up in the stratosphere, a shadow passes by

Up there from the ozone layer comes a plaintive cry

It’s not my fault but yours my friend, you cut the bloody rope

That released the sandbagged ballast and set us all afloat


Far below Essex fields pass by, in every one a cow

Well says Matt to Kerry, what the hell can we do now

Those left behind down on the ground will summon other people

Err Matt my dear if you blow hard, we might just miss that steeple


Just relax, let the world drift by and enjoy your birthday prezzie

We’ve fuel enough, a lot of food and a bottle or two of fizzy

I suppose your right, young Matt agreed cos it is my twenty first

Just float up here among the clouds after all it could be worse


The lightning flashed so fiercely bright followed by a thunderous roar

Cold rain lashed down upon the pair, both huddled on the floor

Arose the moon, as is it's wont and the skies began to clear

So rarefied the evening air, sparkling stars soon banished fear


That weren’t so bad said Kerry it’s like being on the sea

Now pass to me my mobile, better cancel family tea

You’ve had a phone here all this while said Matt fast tuning red

Of course I have said Kerry, you could had it if you’d said


I’ll call the emergency services, said Matt now taking charge

They said it’s too impossible; they have no ladder that’s so large

They’re summoning the air force, as soon as they can scramble

Best tell them not to bother said Kerry without pre-amble


The Gas has gone; we are losing height, heading for that circus top

That’s it for us I fear my dear, a final sudden stop

But as good luck would have it, no sorrow was befell

They hit the circus trampoline and bounced back very well


That was a grand adventure said Kerry with a grin

As Matt was being interviewed by the master of the ring

I’ve always fancied high wire; he said, it’s on my list to do

Kerry made a little note of that, cos he’d soon be twenty two