Ode to an Educated Man


A man came to our firm one day

Cos the HR witch had blown away

He strode in with a raucous laugh

Said he’d put us on the righteous path


A towering wit and girth to match

A ruddy face and tousled thatch

John the Dig was erudite

He strove to put the company right


Allotted task, no pleasant one

Restructuring, now it must be done

In troubled times injecting humour

Always straight, dispelling rumour


A scholar he, with verbal diarrhoea

Starts lexicon game with Onomatopoeia

Twinkle, genuflect are swift to follow

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia was hard to swallow

So now it’s time to bid adieu

To a colleague that we too short knew

Good luck to you, we wish you well

Go to your next client, give em hell