Links and interesting bits 

"We didn't get here today" without support from online friends and a bit of Nounagain history. 

First the friends

Gosfield Gallery

A fantastic supporter of local artists (Essex). They were the first gallery that Cheryl and Tony Hibberd formally exhibited their  painted and photographic works. Their  latest exhibition in September 2017, the most successful so far. Look for us again in  September 2018. 

Beata and Glenn, the jovial hosts of the Gosfield Shopping Village (which incorporates the Gallery), have been on national TV at least twice on Antiques Road Trips. But see their own story. Click on the  link above. 



Leisure FM.

Besides playing music from the past few decades 24/7, Leisure FM have been actively supporting local artist (Essex) of all persuasions. Many famous performers have passed through their doors and some newbies that owe their  fledgling  careers to this dedicated band of voluntary  DJs, Presenters, Newshounds, Researchers and  Contributors. The latter of which is Tony  Hibberd, who is to air a poem or two from  his latest E-book Trick or Treat-Spooky Stories in Verse  within their 21.30 and 22.30 poetry slot (29th of  October). Thanks  People.


Check out Leisure FM by clicking the link above.

Then The Interesting (or Maybe not) Bits

The Nounagain brand came about due to the publication of the first edition printed book by Tony Hibberd. "Life Could Be Verse"  The book had a limited print run of around 1000 copies, some of which are still available to purchase today. Because the author had used a picture of himself in a Halloween mask at a Bar b Que for the same occasion to be used  as the front cover, he adopted the persona of Versery Rhyme as  the presenter for his "poetry" (poetry in quotes, because Tony does not think of himself as a poet, but more of a storyteller in rhyme. A website was created vehicle for the book , the website being a light humoured  blog which included poem of the month and Versey Rhymes Diary which covered many of the characters exploits , such as the great run on Northern Rock (which he thought was a race on the Yorkshire moors. and national environmental day (where he got stuck to a tree held by it's sap whilst hugging it. Sadly the site is no more as it has outgrown it's use. the only remaining remnants are a couple of YouTube videos showing Versery reading Tony's poems. Check them out here if you dare.

Believe me, it was great fun making them.


Dead End.


Watch this space for more histories


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