Poetic Services

As an author of over three hundred poems, Tony Hibberd offers you the opportunity to have your own personalised or generic poem written by him for any occasion.

His style is generally humorous (except where formality and decorum is required) and normally delivered in rhyming couplets  with verses of four or six lines (dependant on the pentamic beat).

How it works

This process is currently under construction.  but in the meantime, please e.mail us with any  requests you have and we  will do our utmost to fulfil  your requirements. 


A  guide price this service would be  around £10.00 per verse for a personalised poem and  £5.00 per verse for a generic.

Because of the complexities of getting the narrative across successfully  in a personalised verse, we would work with you, the client  to ensure your requirements and budget  are met. Only when you are happy then the purchase will be made.

Please note that the purchased poem, although yours to use, is still under copyright to the author. So commercial use is not permitted without the written permission from the Author.


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