Life Could be Verse:


This very limited first edition printed book is a collection of over sixty poems. With no one particular theme but addressing a multitude of subjects, mainly humorous. At first glance the poetry is light and simple, but give the words and their construction a little more thought and you will soon find hidden gems of sub-texts, references, oddball stories, last line twists and multiple meanings.

If you are a lover of highbrow poetry or prose, then this book is probably not for you.

If however you are open to light entertainment with virtually no swearing, bondage or pictures, you are gonna love this.

About the author:
Tony Hibberd was born a long time ago in the east end of London. (presumably to be close to his Mother). Like many authors and comedians with big city, little income, backgrounds. he was influenced local characters and "adventures" in his formative years. he developed a slightly skewed view of life and a unusual sense of humour. Or so his friends tell him, (yes, both of them). After many years of writing (mainly begging letters) he was finally persuaded share his "thoughts" with the world....Sorry world.

give the book a go, what have you got to lose.

Oh... your sanity, self respect, friends, family, pet gerbil.

Ah... but what if this becomes a best seller and you missed getting in at the start, how silly would you feel.


Life could be Verse