(Flawlessly read out by the Bride's 9 year old Daughter) 


When Mark met Mummy, a while ago

The joy in store we could not know

It changed her life, brought light anew

She blossomed as the love, it grew


We got to know him as time went by

We found he was a decent guy

He hung his head in mock defeat

On Playstation, he was always beat


Midget man, Mark’s wrestling name

Fights Granite boy in playful game

Takes on mummy at golfing link

He lets her win, or so we think


Hannah and Rachel now share their dad

The best Step Sisters we ever had

Girly giggles and shouts of glee

When we go on a shopping spree


Conner can stay at home with Mark

Or take Jaspa to the park

Driver Mummy is our protector

We the wedding dress inspectors


An angel she, that’s not our mum

That dress it even hides her bum

Mark’s scrubbed up well, despite his height

I think they both have got it right


When two hearts, they beat as one

There is only one conclusion

Exchange of vows and rings of gold

To consolidate the fusion


Friends and family oh so proud

All are so delighted

Just like the West Ham football team

Mark and Mummy are United


Congratulations to Mark and Mummy

A Wedding Reading